Why should you hire through a recruitment agency?

Why should you hire through a recruitment agency?

By Laura Keighley

We all know the reputation and myths that goes along with using a recruiter, especially in construction but we also know hiring for a position in your company is a costly process and time-consuming. Ultimately slowing you down from doing the job you’re paid for. 

So we thought we would give you a quick rundown of how we can help you through with

hiring process so you can concentrate on the task at hand. 


Saving you valuable time

If you are hiring regularly, as many are in construction at the moment, you could be looking at receiving anywhere from 50-100 CVs a day, leading you to spend much of your day looking at all the CVs (even if it’s only for a minute per CV!). This can affect your own workload as well as wasting your time. 

We have fully trained consultants that are paid to look at CVs day in day out. They know what to look for and what to discount, meaning the process is far more efficient.

Statistics show that on average it takes 27 days from posting your job advert out to getting somebody in for an interview. A construction recruitment agency like Ferox will sort all this out for you from posting the job advert out to arranging the interviews out at suitable times for both parties involved.


Reducing your cost of hiring

Posting a job on Indeed can cost anywhere between £5-£10 a day, doesn’t seem a lot right? 

Well if you leave that one job up for a month that could cost as much as £300 for one job. 

Ferox covers the cost of job advertising, to ensure you don’t incur any surprise costs. We also pay for any extra qualifications people might need to work on your jobs. 

Hiring through an agency helps to reduce the likelihood of hiring unfit candidates for your business, saving you the money of employing them and then trying to replace them

Many companies get concerned at agency fees but when you break it down, in the majority of instances it is more cost-effective than doing it yourself.


Understanding your market

Here at Ferox, we are speaking to construction professionals all day every day, we know the type of jobs that we recruit for like the back of our hands.

We have a great insight into the industry regarding the pay, skills and qualifications the correct candidates have. We also might spot transferable skills others might not have seen.

We can also spot those common red flags preventing any unforeseen issues that may occur on-site when it’s too late.


We have access to more construction talent than anyone else

We are constantly recruiting new candidates every day so we have a huge database of prescreened candidates. 

All of our candidates when they come to us are referenced and background checked, this helps to figure out how the candidates really act in a working environment. Our candidate pools are constantly reviewed and updated with the best candidates.

We can also ask the questions you may not want to so there are no unexpected surprises when people turn up on day one.


Let us do the legwork

Advertising job roles can be monotonous and time-consuming. And you’re unlikely to be a writer either.

We mentioned earlier the cost of advertising on websites such as Indeed and the time it would take you to post different job adverts out everywhere. We can also advertise the jobs on our website and LinkedIn where we have candidates checking for new jobs every day.

You also benefit from the skills of our marketing team who know the best ways to present job opportunities. This increases the chance of getting the best construction talent for your roles more regularly.

These are just a few of the benefits of using a recruitment agency to find your construction talent.

If you are currently looking to hire for your team or for a current or upcoming project don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members with any enquiries you may have.

"Why should we use a recruiter when we can do it ourselves?"   It's a question we get asked quite often and we understand why. On the face of it, recruiters cost a fair amount of money and have access to all of the same tools as everybody else.   So why if you're looking for new people for your projects or teams should you reach out to somebody like Ferox? Mainly because it's our job. Hiring and finding talent is a skill in itself and people have their day job to do and don't need the hassle and interruptions that recruitment sometimes creates.   We've brought together a few points to consider when deciding whether or not to use a recruiter.   Read our thoughts below and if you have any questions, you know where we are!

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